Tiger Turf


TigerTurf benefits from having a parent company that is the world market leader in producing synthetic fibers and components and because of this TigerTurf UK is perfectly positioned to supply the ideal solution for any sports surface, whatever the sport. Within the TenCate extensive range of components there are an array of products developed specifically for sports, including soccer, american football, hockey, tennis and golf. The research and development department of TenCate Grass plays a vital role in success of our organization.

Their team of engineers and scientists recognize that their contributions reach far beyond the laboratory and production areas. They monitor the performance of individual fields for many years after the installation, and their observations are used as a basis for further developments in quality and performance.

TigerTurf is a worldwide organisation specialising in the manufacture and supply of synthetic turf for the sorts and landscape market. With over 30 years’ experience devoted to providing quality assured products, TigerTurf is active through its distribution network in more than 35 countries across Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, United States of America, Australia and New Zealand.

TigerTurf is the premier manufacturer of synthetic turf with the largest complete manufacturing plant for high performance turf systems in the UK. We have invested in skilled workers and state of the art technology to ensure high quality turf is delivered to our customers every time.

With arguably the industry’s strongest forward thinking research and development teams, we work closely with governing bodies and professionals to ensure all of our turf officially meets customer’s expectations. Our synthetic turf is in full compliance with the ISO standards for quality, meets the requirements of DIN environmental testing meaning it’s free from lead and other heavy metals, and meets DIN Reaction to Fire requirements – giving customers peace of mind.