Word ‘minifootball’ to be dropped

Friday October 27, 2017 at 4:39pm
After extensive consultation with sponsors, government agencies and international bodies, the UKMA has decided to drop the word ‘minifootball’ from its name. The sport of small-sided football will now be referred to by its long term names’ 5-a-side’, ‘6-a-side’ and ‘7-a-side’, under the generic term of ‘small-sided football’.

The reasons for this are clear – in most western countries, and in the big sponsorship markets particularly, the word minifootball is a complete turn off. In many countries it simply means children’s football and most sponsors, geared up to driving their products at a large adult market, simply do not like either the fact that it appeals only to the children’s market and also the word ‘mini’ gives an impression of something small and insignificant. Since the UKMA introduced the word minifootball in 2012, sponsorship revenue has stagnated and sponsors have told us, directly, that it is purely down to the term minifootball and that we simply need to get rid of this word, so we are listening to them.

Global sponsors who understandably want their products projected around the world, need a term that is not understandable only be a mainly Eastern European market, but they want a term that is understandable in every country. Quite simply, minifootball does not fit this bill. Words like ‘5-a-side’ and ‘6-a-side’ are much more acceptable to sponsors.

We have decided that we no longer want this handicap, so we will soon be going through a rebranding process to get rid of this word once and for all. In an ever increasing competitive sponsors market, it is simply not sensible to have a wording or main title which is off-putting and creates an immediate barrier that has to be explained to every sponsor we meet.
Minifootball means children’s football. That is the way it always has been, and that is the way it should be and always will be.
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