Here She Goes Again

Monday October 23, 2017 at 2:36pm

Yes, you guessed it, following our article last week about ‘GB Minifootball Union,’ as everyone could have predicted, Ms Molnar appears on the scene to make some more outlandish claims. We should be used to it, by now. It’s getting tedious to have to correct her, but anyway, let’s deal with a couple of things she said.

Firstly, she says they finally have got a league in Hungary. Congratulations! It’s taken 4 years but they’ve finally got there. One league. Ok, so Hungary hasn’t got lots of leagues like us in the UK or the Czech Republic (yes, let’s be fair, they’ve done well there too) but it is a start, and we should encourage them.

Andrea goes on to say, though, that “UKMA doesn’t have control of the (EMF) bank account [they] don’t want to participate and [they] don’t want to give access to the bank account for EC members”. OK, just for you Andrea, here are the facts – but you know them already, don’t you?

A number of countries had access to the EMF bank account when we were running it, but we only gave access to the countries who we knew were not involved in corruption. And the person who was ultimately in control of the bank account was Razvan Burleanu. Remember him? The former President? Yes, he had the legal control, he had all the information, he was provided with the final set of accounts and he signed them off. In fact, these accounts are now publically available on the record. Nothing to hide there.

Now, we don’t know what’s happening inside the EMF but we trust that you are as good as your word and you are showing every single transaction in the current EMF bank account (as we provided to members) and we are sure that you have provided live access (as we did) to a number of countries?

Now, the “reason” we left the EMF has nothing to do with Bank Accounts. We made a dignified exit because we didn’t like the threats that were made to some countries, we didn’t like the behind the scenes work by some people to try and remove certain nations. Even more than that really we didn’t like the fact that the WMF President was paying people to vote in the elections.
Which leads us on to democracy. Oh how ironic for Andrea to mention democracy to us! Here in the UK we’re not sure what your version of democracy is – but what we don’t do is pay people to vote in a certain way, or threaten them to vote in a certain way. That may be your idea of democracy – it isn’t ours. (And Andrea Molnar's version of democracy is clearly shown on the picture above and to the right here - she did this to the English delegation after Hungary beat England in 2015. We have a little more decorum, so we didn't respond.)

But perhaps, you will say, there is democracy in the EMF! Well, everybody knows about the WMF President registering the trademark at his own address, and everybody would also know about him being asked to transfer it to the EMF company. But which company did he transfer it to? Has anybody checked? It wouldn’t possibly be the company which the WMF President owns 100% would it? We all know the answer to that, don’t we. Everybody should think about that very carefully.

Andrea also says that we “don’t want to reply to emails”. Well, as I think was recognised by everybody at the time, the current EMF General Secretary said he was sending emails out and we weren’t replying to them, yet he later admitted that he hadn’t actually sent the emails out at all. The facts show that we reply to every single email from a proper source, but we obviously couldn’t reply to emails that hadn’t been sent to us! So, Dr Molnar, is that fake news, as the man in the White House might say? Or something a little more.

But what we really liked about Andrea’s Facebook post is when she said that we didn’t want to pay the membership fee. Comedy of this sort is rare! We can hardly stop laughing here in our office. Back in 2016 we in the UK were getting very frustrated that certain countries were not paying their membership fee. We wanted this brought into the open, transparently, so every country could see which other countries were simply refusing to pay (Czech Republic, Israel, Slovakia, Croatia etc.). We didn’t think it right that some countries paid, and others didn’t, and we said so.

As we said at the time, why should a lot of the smaller countries- Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belgium etc. have to pay the membership fee, but some of the countries, who sat on the EC at the time, didn’t have to pay it? We believe this was wrong and wanted to say so. 

Finally, EMF currently owes UKMA around €80,000, which seems to have been forgotten. So, let us pose a question to you, Andrea. When is the EMF going to pay us this money? We have refrained from taking legal action against the EMF so far, but if we get many more social media posts such as the one from Andrea Molnar, then we might just change our position, and at that point we will see how much money is in their bank account to fight a legal action against us.

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