Strategy Towards An Active Nation - UKMA Reaction

Friday June 3, 2016 at 10:35am

Sport England last week released its new strategy Towards an Active Nation which sets out how it will use its investment over the next five years.

As most commentators expected, it largely follows on from the Government’s Sporting Future strategy published in December 2015, there is a heavy emphasis on getting the inactive active and particularly seeking to drive up activity in currently under-represented groups. 

The UKMA suggested at the end of last year, we welcome anything that encourages grass roots participation in sport – with hundreds of leagues each week and close on a quarter of a million players in affiliated competitions each week we have long felt that small sided football is the jewel in the crown of grass roots activity.

Further, an apparent change in focus for the policy is to be applauded. The main alteration in Sport England’s approach is a focus on funding based on what organisations can do rather than who they are.

For too long it has been an undeniable fact that governing bodies have claimed funding that they might not actually deserve based on their results. Clearly this has the effect of making it more difficult for the rest of us with voices that aren’t quite as loud and profile’s that aren’t as big.
At the UKMA we welcome any move on the part of Sport England that levels the playing field and makes things fairer for everyone.

Indeed, given the details contained in the strategy – which we will continue to study over the coming period – it is clear that tat Sport England have listened to the points we made to them in the initial consultation process, and we look forward to working with them in the future as we work towards improving the sport of small sided football.

You can download the Towards an Active Nation document here

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