Plans Announced For A Women's Home Nations

Wednesday August 5, 2015 at 4:39pm

The UKMA can today announce plans encourage an increase in the number of women playing Minifootball.

The UK Socca Association will work with its members to talent spot women players in order to establish national 6 a side women teams for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

A spokesman for the UKMA explained that the organisation aimed to lead the way in Europe on the issue, adding: “At a European and world minifootball level there is currently no provision for women’s national teams to compete. This is an issue we can explore within the European Minifootball Federation.”

More immediately comes the aim to launch a women’s Home Nations Championships, with trials to be held in the first quarter of next year: “We want national teams to compete in the 2016 UK 6 a side Championships, which will be held in Birmingham,” added the spokesman, “with the aim of women teams competing at this UK wide level on an annual basis.”

The women’s 11-a –side game is on an unprecedented high, with the England team reaching the semi-finals of the recent world cup and 30,710 attending the FA Cup final last weekend – held for the first time at Wembley.

Despite this success, the number of women playing minifootball seems to be at a far lower number as compared to the numbers of men playing the game. There has been an increase in women playing minifootball with women players being part of this year’s UK 6 a side Championships and the establishment of more women’s teams.

There will be more announced in the coming weeks.

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