The United Kingdom Minifootball Association does not impose a single, uniform set of rules on our affiliates. We recognise that there are many ways to run small-sided football leagues and, as such, our members will be free to adopt a set of rules that works best for them in their area.

However, all our members are encouraged to adopt a zero tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour, such as racism and violence. It should be absolutely central to the ethos of the leagues that it is inclusive.

For our silver and gold affiliated members, we provide access to our disciplinary fine system for them and their affiliated referees. We then collect and complete the administration of the disciplinary fines incurred in their leagues for them. All referees who work for a silver or gold member will receive their own UK Socca login details which they can use to upload the disciplinary fines incurred in these leagues. We value the judgement of our affiliated referees and uphold all disciplinary fines submitted by our silver and gold members and their referees, prior to a formal appeal.

Any member, referee, or affiliate is welcome to contact us whenever they require our support in a disciplinary matter in one of their competitions. Similarly we will be happy to speak to a player in any affiliated league that wants to discuss a disciplinary matter.

All referees who are invited to participate in international competition must have excellent knowledge of the rules of the highest levels of the sport of small-sided football.