About Us



UK Socca is the first National Governing Body in the UK designed for small sided football. With affiliated leagues throughout the UK, we offer an unrivalled structure for our affiliated members, dedicated support and guidance, and assurance for all small sided football players.

Every year, our national England, Scotland, Wales 6-a-side teams attend international 6-a-side championships and competitions.

We have many important aims and goals for the promotion, development and good governance of small-sided football, including:

1. The promotion of the practise of small-sided football, for example, the education and training for referees and coaches, whilst supporting small-sided football players.

2. Support for small-sided football for the disable, and promoting the fast growing women’s game.

3. Controlling the organisation of international competitions, both for the National 6-a-side teams and for club teams, with only amateur players.

4. Promoting small-sided football as a tool for health-enhancing physical activity, development, equal opportunities in education, training, social inclusion, and integration in sport, and combating discrimination in sport.

5. Developing specific services for our members and providing them with assistance, training and support.

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